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If you have received correspondence from CAPITAL, obtain more information about your account by calling 800.261.0275.

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A Unique Focus on Small and Micro Balance Accounts

Capital Management Ventures is a market leader in financial and operational consulting, as well as a specialized asset manager of under-performing and distressed consumer receivables. With more than 22 years of deep expertise across many industry sectors, we help businesses find the best possible solution for difficult situations—quickly and honestly. We help our clients reverse negative trends, coordinate financial restructuring and access capital.

As businesses grow they progress through many different growth stages, very much like a person progresses from infancy, childhood, adolescence, teen and adulthood. Understanding these stages and how to project and manage each transition successfully are often the keys to long term success. Capital has become an integral tool for organizations as they work to better understand and navigate these transitions.

Recognizing how our behavior can affect our client’s brands, CAPITAL has adopted a code of conduct that guides our interactions with creditors, customers and employees. Your most important asset is your brand. We protect your brand by treating your relationships with respect.


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